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Mission Statement Hymn Lovers Conference Our mission is centered around Ephesians 5:19 that says speaking to one another with psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit. Sing and make music from your heart to the Lord.
It is our mission to herald world-wide that the traditional hymn remains relevant and is a needed tool for spiritual maturation. It is our endeavor to constantly provide academic and practical support to the music ministry of churches worldwide with the desire to promote excellence. We also endeavor to be a vehicle where new hymns and/ or hymn arrangements are introduced ultimately to be used by the local congregation.

Earl Sparrow of Ft. Myers, FL Minister of Music -Mt. Olive AME Church

It's been said, if you're always the smartest person in the room you might need to go into other rooms.

It's also been said that iron sharpens iron.

This is why I love the Hymn Lovers Conference. Last year I was inspired to pursue my doctorate. This year I've been inspired to begin writing and arranging music again.

My biggest take aways this year was

1. To take care of my physical health. There were 3 stroke survivors present. I'm determined not to let any church or any position stress me out where I have a stroke myself. 

2. This generation needs to acknowledge the civil rights songs of the 1950s and 1960s but also write their own civil rights songs. 

3. The Bible is the most theologically sound book on the planet. The hymnbook is the second most theologically sound book on the planet. 

4. Perhaps I need to get my real estate license and pursue my consulting company to bring in additional revenue. 

5. This songbook is packed with simple but rich new material that is perfect for my AME churches.

6. My gift isn't music. It's help. I help people through music but I help more people in other ways. I love music but I'm much more than a musician.

And... I only had time to go to one day this year.

You should come with me next year.

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