Hymn Lovers Conference


Course Offerings by Cheryl Morgan Young Dean of Academics
1. Basic Hymnology - A basic study in interpreting hymns, featuring up to 5 hymns, breaking down and understanding their history and application 
2. Hymn Medleys & Remix in Worship – A practical application of creating hymn medleys or variants and their use in the worship 
3. Building a Music Ministry – A practical application which includes writing an implementation plan – 1-3 year goals, to incorporate all genres of Christian music for children, youth, young adults, adults and seniors 
4. Raising the Bar – A discussion in methods to raise the music literacy levels throughout your music ministry 
5. Prerequisite to Participation – How to raise the level of accountability in the music ministry through music literacy, theology training, ability and availability 
6. On One Accord – Eliminating the competitive spirit in the church – Us vs. Them 
7. Let’s Talk – Guided open forum to discuss relevant issues 
8. Multiple Streams of Income – Balancing the cash flow using multiple sources and lessening the dependence of having only one source: the church. 9. Songwriting and Music Composition – Employing basic principles in music composition – whether it’s praise, hymns, gospels, anthems, etc. 
10. Choir Clinic – Basic vocal and performance techniques, etiquette, uniformity, preparation sessions – rehearsals. 
11. Raising The Financial Literacy of Ministry Servant Leaders – A basic understanding of finances, money management and income opportunities that doesn’t compromise the vision of the ministry. 
12. Investment Strategies and Business Alternatives – An advanced presentation of ministry opportunities that can aid the ministry of the church. 
13. New Music Seminar – Presentation of new music submitted by various composers. 
14. Biblical Approach to Music Ministry – In depth biblical background of the music ministry and its place in the worship setting
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